Sunday, August 3, 2008

just a few more days

Hey momma! It's me again. I've been going non-stop from about 4:30 to 8:30, so I'm a little short on words. It's been a great day. I went to church, behaved myself for the teachers and took a nice little nap once dad and I got home. After I woke up, I had lunch and off to the mall to we went. They have this awesome foam play area that I can run around in and act silly.

After the mall, we came home and I took a nap with dad in the big bed. It was awesome! So much room to wiggle around. We ended the day with dad playing sand volleyball at church, and me playing with my friends. It's been a nice day mom, but it would have been much nicer with you here. Dad tells me it's just a few more days...I'm not sure what a day is though. Anyhoo, dad wants me to post this little video of some footage he took today. He says it's not really edited, just a quick little collage. I love you mom. See you soon!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

i luv saterdaze!

Hi momma! I miss you! When are you coming home? Dad tells me that you'll be home soon, but I don't have the greatest understanding of time, so when is soon? Or like Morrissey says, how soon is now? I'm pretty well versed in music and sentence construction for a 10 mo old!!

I've had a great day mom. I spent most of the day at grandma's house while dad worked on the bathroom and saw X-Files2, which he said wasn't too good. Dad picked me up about 4pm and we went home. Mom, is Texas always this hot? I get stinky pretty quick in this heat. I think dad realized that and took me out front to play in the water.

This sprinkler thing is great!

But nothing beats finding my own special watering hole, even if it's the cat's water dish.

Don't worry mom, dad cleaned me up nicely in my duck tub! Look ma, no hands!

Here I am about 7:30pm. We just got back from Tin Star. Dad said I was so good at the restaurant. All I did was look around and stare at dad eat. He let me have some water from a straw, which I loved. And you know what momma, I like limes. They make me act funny after I eat them, like I get the shakes and stuff, but I just kept coming back for more! Dad had to stop me because he said something about enamel. I think he's making stuff up!

I love YOU mom!

Dad is taking great care of me, but I miss you. I miss your sweet momma voice. I heard some of it on this thing called a phone today, but it's not the same. Come home soon to me momma, I need your hugs and kisses! (and so does dad)


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