Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

While I know I don't need to apologize, I feel the need to. Why, I'm not sure. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a worrier by nature. I'm not sure if it's because those years of infertility and pregnancy loss, have caused me to always feel like the other shoe is going to drop. I'm not sure if it's because I have a legitimate reason to worry. I don't know.

All I know for sure, is the only person in charge of my health and my family's health is me. Out of the 40 verified swine flu cases in the US, one is a few mere miles from my home, in my city. Our city's school district has closed down a local elementary school, where there has been a verified case of the swine flu with one of their students. A little too close to home if you ask me. But not only that, it is in the neighborhood directly across the street from Monkey's school. Now THAT is a little too close to home.

Call me aware. Call me prepared. Call me an over-compensator. Call me flat out paranoid. I don't care. This is being sprayed ALL OVER OUR HOUSE and then some.

Maybe this pandemic ends up being nothing. If so, then my efforts to protect ourselves causes no harm whatsoever. Either way, I'm not taking any chances. I have two little boys that need their Momma and I don't plan on doing anything to jeopardize that.

In the meantime, please pray over the family in our community that is personally affected by this.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Male Bonding

One of the things that I find so sexy about my husband is his ability to fix almost anything. He's not an engineer by trade, but his brain just seems to really understand mechanics and he's willing to take on almost anything that needs fixed or built just so he can learn something new. I love that about him! He gets that from his dad I think, as Mr. W is the same way.

So yesterday they spent some bonding time under the hood of my car getting it ready for inspection.

Our neighbor coming over to offer help and encouragement.

"Hey, my Daddy doesn't need no help..."

Daddy ended up needing to run to the auto parts store, so De-Da took Monkey on a walk. Which ended up being a stick hunt.

Here is our sweet neighbor sharing a big stick from her yard. I think he's smitten.

Showing off the spoils to Daddy.

After fixing the car, it was time to come inside from the hot Texas sun and have some cold lemonade and watch the Mavericks spank San Antonio.

Yay! The Mavs win!

The other thing I find really sexy about my husband is his understanding that quality time with his family is so important. It ended up just being a wonderful afternoon all around watching the men in my life bond. It's this type of stuff that will build a wonderful life foundation and memories for my son as he grows older. It's something that I can't wait to see continue as we add M2 to the mix.

I'm just feeling overwhelmingly blessed today! :-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Bird Watcher

Working from home today. The weather is beautiful and I’m having a hard time concentrating on my spreadsheet. I want to go to Calloway’s and buy some petunias to plant in the front and drink lemonade when I get too hot. There are fuzzy, wispy white clouds in a gorgeous blue sky. The sun is warm and welcoming. I think the high today is supposed to be in the low 80's. The breeze is rustling the maple leaves by our driveway. Two male black birds are chirping and preening in my front yard, courting the lone female pecking at the stones on our sidewalk. The squirrels are running up and down along our fence, driving my dog nuts.

My sweet kitty girl is taking it all in from the front door. I think she is feeling the Spring Fever too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

At Least It's Not a Green Mohawk

We finally bit the bullet. Today we finally got Monkey's hair cut at a children's specialty salon by our home. He had a hard time with the spray bottle and the electric trimmers, they scared him. Other than that, he did really great! We were pretty proud. Although a Baby Einstein video and a banana sucker can do wonders to distract.

I can't type much more without crying, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Our baby is growing up and I'm having a little bit of a hard time with it.

Another customer next to us. My gut feeling is that Dad is sleeping on the sofa tonight. Mom wasn't with them.

I'm just blown away by how much MORE he looks like his Daddy now!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Dang it girls - why does this stuff pop up on your blogs when I have so much crap to confess??? This accountability thing is just not cool. :-S

1. A few Sunday's ago I made two dozen peanut butter cookies. I ate 20 of them in about 72 hours.

2. Three kids that I knew from high school invited me to be their friends on Facebook. I declined their invites because they were really mean to me back then. Why would I want to be your friend, when the majority of my memories of you are you making fun of me being a nerd?

3. I'm scared of grand daddy long legs.

4. I don't like my latest hair cut. Which was to fix the first haircut from a few weeks before. I think the aliens are calling me home.

5. I bought a bag of gluten-free cookies a few nights ago. They lasted about 48 hours.

6. I'm supposed to be cooking dinner, but I don't feel like getting my butt off this sofa. Do tortilla chips and salsa constitute as two servings of vegetables? Corn and tomatoes?

7. I'm lonely. My sweet N has been in bed for two hours already with the sickies. (BTW, if you have a moment, please pray over him. He's got pneumonia.)


I'm so wishing I had some PB cookies to make myself feel better after this.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

This past Saturday, in spite of runny noses and coughs, we decided to venture out and enjoy the nice weather. A little chilly and windy in the morning, but the afternoon was really nice!

At our church's Easter Egg Hunt that morning...

Hey wait...I'm not done collecting the eggs. Momma needs more chocolate!!! (That's my boy!)

Scoping out the bounce houses...aka My Three Favorite Guys in The World!

Standing in line with Daddy for the bouncey slide...

...but then deciding that watching from the sidelines is a little less scary.

And then Daddy teaching me to drive and honk the horn once we got to our driveway. De-da's truck is so much fun!

Saturday afternoon was a little more fun. We'd had a nap, lunch, and the sun finally came out. So we went to the park where we played and fed the ducks!

(We also wore our Fox t-shirt in honor of my new little cousin born just the day before!)

So many things...what should I do first?

I'll start with a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe. This isn't too bad...

This swing is pretty awesome!

But nothing is quite like the slide! I love this thing! Especially head first!

Watching some pretty girls blow bubbles...

Hey Momma, I wanna go over there! Let's feed the ducks or go fishing!

Oh, okay, I'll hold your hand. You treat me like such a baby. *deep sigh*

We have since been down and out with colds, fevers, and staying cooped up even though the weather is stunning. Boo! Please pray for all of us to recover quickly!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to the World DFM!!!

Last night, my sweet brother and SIL, J and C, had their first baby! DF was born at 7:06 pm at 7lbs 5oz via a natural/no med birth. Go C! I'm just a tiny bit partial, but I think he's stunning. My first nephew. I really never even imagined what this would be like, but it's pretty freakin' awesome.

Welcome to our world sweet boy! We are so happy you're healthy and here and can't wait to meet you. We love you! C, I CANNOT TELL you how PROUD I am of you!!! J, your life is about to ROCK. All good stuff!

Auntie A and Uncle N

Do they look in awe or what? C's expression makes this one of my favorite shots ever.

DF and Momma...

My sweet baby brother J looks so proud. I still cannot believe he's even old enough to have a child. I changed HIS diapers!

More proud Daddy...

C and my other SIL, J, who's next. She's due in May and then I'm due in July. LOTS of babies this year in the M family!

Proud Daddy, Uncle J, Auntie J, Popo (Gramma in Chinese)...

Thanks to my Dad, this amazing event was photographed like a documentary. (Which is why there aren't any shots of him.) Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Pictures

Just some random pictures taken the past few weeks of my two favorite guys in the world!

Reading his favorite book with Daddy. (Does he look like a little N in this shot or what???) I find it funny that he loves "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" so much, considering what a picky eater he is. But he always turns straight to the Saturday page to point at the hotdog and lollipop. LOL!

Tornado drill. This was the morning after a huge storm came through. I hadn't taken the pillows, blanket, Momo and book out of the tub yet. He kept busy while Daddy brushed his teeth.

Looking cool in some shades, while eating some fries on the road.

Riding the carousel in Grapevine...not sure what to think about this. He was very stoic the entire time.

What happens when the applesauce is all gone...

Watching neighborhood traffic. Man I adore these guys!