Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

This past Saturday, in spite of runny noses and coughs, we decided to venture out and enjoy the nice weather. A little chilly and windy in the morning, but the afternoon was really nice!

At our church's Easter Egg Hunt that morning...

Hey wait...I'm not done collecting the eggs. Momma needs more chocolate!!! (That's my boy!)

Scoping out the bounce houses...aka My Three Favorite Guys in The World!

Standing in line with Daddy for the bouncey slide...

...but then deciding that watching from the sidelines is a little less scary.

And then Daddy teaching me to drive and honk the horn once we got to our driveway. De-da's truck is so much fun!

Saturday afternoon was a little more fun. We'd had a nap, lunch, and the sun finally came out. So we went to the park where we played and fed the ducks!

(We also wore our Fox t-shirt in honor of my new little cousin born just the day before!)

So many things...what should I do first?

I'll start with a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe. This isn't too bad...

This swing is pretty awesome!

But nothing is quite like the slide! I love this thing! Especially head first!

Watching some pretty girls blow bubbles...

Hey Momma, I wanna go over there! Let's feed the ducks or go fishing!

Oh, okay, I'll hold your hand. You treat me like such a baby. *deep sigh*

We have since been down and out with colds, fevers, and staying cooped up even though the weather is stunning. Boo! Please pray for all of us to recover quickly!


Nature Nut said...

Two comments. First, I LOVE the slide picture :) The expression of pure joy! Second, while I'm very happy to see a picture of you, I really would like to see a picture that includes MB2 "bump".

happy gram said...

are you sure you're pregnant? from the back i'm doubting it....:)

Monkey Momma said...

Ok, ok. I'll see if I can get some profile or forward facing shots of M2. Even though you might not see it from the back in the picture, the waddle is pretty unmistakeable. :-)