Friday, April 10, 2009


Dang it girls - why does this stuff pop up on your blogs when I have so much crap to confess??? This accountability thing is just not cool. :-S

1. A few Sunday's ago I made two dozen peanut butter cookies. I ate 20 of them in about 72 hours.

2. Three kids that I knew from high school invited me to be their friends on Facebook. I declined their invites because they were really mean to me back then. Why would I want to be your friend, when the majority of my memories of you are you making fun of me being a nerd?

3. I'm scared of grand daddy long legs.

4. I don't like my latest hair cut. Which was to fix the first haircut from a few weeks before. I think the aliens are calling me home.

5. I bought a bag of gluten-free cookies a few nights ago. They lasted about 48 hours.

6. I'm supposed to be cooking dinner, but I don't feel like getting my butt off this sofa. Do tortilla chips and salsa constitute as two servings of vegetables? Corn and tomatoes?

7. I'm lonely. My sweet N has been in bed for two hours already with the sickies. (BTW, if you have a moment, please pray over him. He's got pneumonia.)


I'm so wishing I had some PB cookies to make myself feel better after this.


Pandamonium said...

I hear you on the not being Facebook friends with people you'd rather not be...I'm avoiding almost anyone I knew prior to 1999. :)

And salsa certainly counts...the only green vegetable my brother willingly ate prior to age 22 was jalapenos!

Team Davis said...

I also agree with the chips & salsa. Stephen could survive on those two things alone! :) Hope your hubby feels better soon!

McMama said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't have my maiden name on my facebook profile for that very reason, but since Ryan and I were high school sweethearts people find me anyways.

What are you talking about not liking your haircut? I love it!

Karrie said...

Chips and salsa seem like a perfectly balanced meal to me! And my rule on the Facebook thing? If I wouldn't be willing to meet you for coffee in person, I'm not adding you. I don't even hit ignore...I do my standard oblivion response:-)

And I have yet to see you with a bad haircut and it's been a good, what, 11 or 12 years? Think you're probably being to hard on yourself:-)

Mandi said...

Salsa totally counts - think of all the tomatoes in it! And I read somewhere that eating spicy foods actually helps you burn calories since it increases your heart rate a little. Ha! Ever need to justify something, just call me. :)