Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Monkey-ish Conversations

Pardon me as I record these. Probably not very exciting to anyone else, other than me. But this blog is my journal of the boys, so I record inane conversations now and then. :-)

Our little boy cracks us up on a daily basis. Continually amazing us with how much he understands and verbalizes. It catches us off guard now and then!


This morning, I was in our masterbath cutting my toenails. (TMI, I know, but have to set the story scene here.) My foot was on the toilet lid and Monkey walks in and starts watching me. N knows that I don't like getting ready in the mornings with toddler underfoot, so he comes in to shoo Monkey out.

N: JK, come on, let Mommy get ready. Leave her alone please.
JK: I wanna see what Mommy doing.

Okay...not terribly exciting, but he's never said a sentence this long and coherent before. Cracked us up!


JK's "incentive" for going tee-tee in the potty is a small Reese's PB cup. As he took a bite out of one the other night, he very gently puts it up to my mouth to offer me a nibble. So I gently take a small bite.

MM: Thank you JK!
JK: I share. I a good boy!
MM: (laughing) Yes, you sure are!

I want so badly for him to have a servant's heart, to know the pleasure of giving and sharing. I know having a sibling will help this along, but sometimes the flawed human character mixed with a two year old sensibility doesn't lend itself to this type of behavior. It warms my heart to not just see my son have moments like this, but to partake in them as well.


One morning this week, Monkey was a bit crabby as we all got ready for the day. Just whined a lot, nothing really made him happy. N was loading the car up and Monkey stood at the door waiting for his turn to be loaded. (It was cold out and we made him stay inside until it was time.)

MM: Monkey, have a good day at school today. Come give Momma a bye-bye hug.
JK: No! No hug. (big pout)
MM: No hug? Monkey, that makes me very sad. I like your hugs. (I touch his arm and he turns to me. He lets me pull him into sweet hug.) Thank you. That's much better. I like hugging you. If I don't get your hugs it makes me very sad. (Extra big squeeze.)
JK: (pulling away and stares at me for a long time) Mommy happy?
MM: Yes, Mommy is happy. Thank you.

JK: (toddles out the door) Bye Mommy!

I just love that sweet boy, even in his sassy, pouty moods! It reminds me all the time of those moments in life where we pout with our Heavenly Father about something and He is always tender and gentle with us, drawing us back to Him for more love. I just hope I can take my two year old's perspective and be soft-hearted enough to allow His love to correct me and WANT to please Him. I know more often than not, I do the opposite.

And I pray all the time that I can look at our sons the same way He looks at me. With that same tenderness and patience.


There are so many funny things our little man says on a daily basis. I tell myself all the time, "Oh...that's a good one. I need to remember that for the blog." But my memory is like a sieve right now and I can barely remember to get myself into shoes before leaving the house anymore. Everyone said you get "pregnant brain" when you're expecting, but nobody said it wouldn't go away! I blame the sleep-deprivation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping with Momma

This month has been a tough month at the W household. Lots of germs around here. N's been sick, then Bubby got sick, now Monkey is sick and Bubby is sick again. Praise God I have not been sick. *knock on wood* But I'm not sure if this means I'm going to survive unscathed or if I'm next.

So Bubby and I went to a new doctor today who talked with us about some homeopathic remedies to help with his recurring ear infections. After we left we went straight to Sprouts to go shopping. It was Bubby's first trip in a shopping cart. He still can't sit up by himself yet, so the buckle helped keep him vertical. Even with an ear infection and a cold, he's still smiling and one of the cutest boys I've ever met! :-)

That crooked little smile and chubby cheeks just make me melt. I want to snorgle on him all the time.

Prayers for a healthy household would be very appreciated!