Sunday, April 26, 2009

Male Bonding

One of the things that I find so sexy about my husband is his ability to fix almost anything. He's not an engineer by trade, but his brain just seems to really understand mechanics and he's willing to take on almost anything that needs fixed or built just so he can learn something new. I love that about him! He gets that from his dad I think, as Mr. W is the same way.

So yesterday they spent some bonding time under the hood of my car getting it ready for inspection.

Our neighbor coming over to offer help and encouragement.

"Hey, my Daddy doesn't need no help..."

Daddy ended up needing to run to the auto parts store, so De-Da took Monkey on a walk. Which ended up being a stick hunt.

Here is our sweet neighbor sharing a big stick from her yard. I think he's smitten.

Showing off the spoils to Daddy.

After fixing the car, it was time to come inside from the hot Texas sun and have some cold lemonade and watch the Mavericks spank San Antonio.

Yay! The Mavs win!

The other thing I find really sexy about my husband is his understanding that quality time with his family is so important. It ended up just being a wonderful afternoon all around watching the men in my life bond. It's this type of stuff that will build a wonderful life foundation and memories for my son as he grows older. It's something that I can't wait to see continue as we add M2 to the mix.

I'm just feeling overwhelmingly blessed today! :-)

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