Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sleepy Monkey

This past week, we've really gotten onto a good schedule with Monkey's meals and naps. (Did I just jinx us by saying that???) He's started having his lunch around 11 am and if we can keep him awake until noon, he goes down for at least a two hour nap. (Some of you probably remember that he's not a very strong napper.) But sometimes getting through lunch is tough, let alone waiting until noon.

But when he wakes up, his happiness is just palpable. He is just too cute when he's been re-energized! This was after a two hour nap with Daddy on the recliner. I just love all the little sweaty cowlicks on his head.


Elisa said...

Love the pile of sweet potato on the tray. That looks familiar!

Monkey Momma said...

LOL! Yes, I keep putting them on there, hoping he'll pick them up. But like with you the other night, he was just working around it. He used to really like them in jar baby food, but now not so much. But sometimes it takes awhile before he realized he likes something.

Maybe with his eyes closed, he wouldn't have realized it if I stuck it in his hands. LOL!

The Kennedy's said...

HIlarious-- It looks like what Reece does in the bath tub... eyes closed head bobbing. I just am cracking up at little man! So, I hope the naps are working...Our fave teacher is out of town for 2 weeks :(