Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Festival 2009

A little behind on some pictures, so this will be backdated once everyone's seen it...

Momma was sick this year, so we missed our church's Fall Festival. But we made it to Gramma and De-Dah's Trunk or Treat. For those that don't know, a Trunk or Treat is where church members volunteer to decorate their car trunk in a theme, dress up as coordinating characters and pass out loads of sugar to over-stimulated, sweaty kids that haven't had dinner.

Monkey dressed up as a frog, in a costume that Mimi brought from Japan. Although, I'm not entirely convinced that this was a costume. Have you seen the way Japanese kids dress? I think this would be a typical outfit for chilly weather. Monkey just wasn't going for the frog hat though.

Bypassing the candy for the balls in the display. Taking him away from this Trunk was not a pretty scene.

A little creeped out by the talking mechanical cat.

We discovered that Bubba makes a really terrible Angry Banana. He's entirely too mellow.

Our favorite Auntie E and her little lion.

Our friends and neighbors, The M family. DD #1 dressed as a groomless bride (the best kind according to her father), DD#2 dressed as Jackie O (precious!), Mom dressed as a hunter. Dad...well...he looks like dinner.

Enjoying the concert and his hard earned goods...

Doing the hoky poky. Okay, maybe not.

We had an awesome dinner at Burger Island and then home for baths and cuddle time. Fun, fun night!

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