Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A VERY Fast Four Months!

Last Friday, our little Bubby turned 4 months old. I'm stunned on a daily basis how quickly time has flown since his arrival. But life is sure sweeter with this little boy's presence!

Today we went for our checkup and got the following stats:

17.1 lbs - 90th %
25" tall - 60th %
17" head - 75th %

You're a big boy! You've been in 6 month clothes for awhile and recently we've started pulling out the 9 month clothes. While you're a big boy, you are still our little baby cakes!

Poor little monkey got two shots in his legs...

But after nursing and then taking a little nap, he was just happy as he always is...

I think his poor red gums hurt worse than his legs. This is about all we see nowadays...his little fists in his mouth. Poor kiddo's fingers are constantly pruned from being chewed on...

Little boy, you are such a joy to us! We could not have been more shocked when we got those two pink lines and we had NO idea how we were about to be blessed. God was so good to us with allowing us to have another sweet boy. We are so thrilled to have such a wonderful unexpected gift! Here are some things to note about you this month:

You are such a mellow baby! There isn't much that phases you. You rarely cry. It sounds strange, but you really don't cry much. You have a throaty little fuss, but that's about it. When you cry, there is usually something really wrong. (Like today when you got your shots.) Or Momma has taken too long to attend to your needs. (Not often.) We think you're going to have your Daddy's chill personality, which is just fine with us.

You are growing so strong! You will sit in your Johnny Jumper and jump away until you literally fall asleep in it. We love seeing you grow like this, as we know someday you'll need the strength to keep up with Big Brother!

You LOVE your Big Brother! Although you're still a little small to attract his attention, you just constantly stare and watch every little move he makes. We can tell that you are already looking up to him. Or at the very least, entertained by his loud antics.

You are more of a Momma's Boy than Big Brother. While I love this, I know it's only because you're nursing and your BB didn't. We're making it a point for you to spend some one on one time with your Daddy. One of these days you'll understand what an awesome guy he is.

Bubby, we so look forward to getting to know you more. You will never know how blessed you make us feel. We honestly cannot remember what life was like before your arrival, but it doesn't matter. We love you so much and I hope that our actions prove that to you!

Momma and Daddy


The Kings said...

I can't believe he is already 4 months old! He is so big and so handsome.

Anne said...

I stumbled across your blog after reading a comment you left on the amazing trips blog. My baby boy is six months old and I can't believe how time has flown. He is so much more of a mama's boy than his sister was, and they were both breastfed, so that can't be the only reason. Nursing does give us some important time to connect when big sis is dancing around and creating all sorts of distractions, so maybe it does strengthen the bond more when there are older siblings.

By the way, your four month old weighs more than my 6.5 month old. Sometimes I miss those super-chunky legs that his big sis had. He's a cutie!!

The Mills Gang said...

Such sweet pics!

Leslie said...

Sweet, sweet little EK! Just love him and yes, the time flies.

At Bella's 9 month visit, she was 17lb 1 ounce! 14% I've got a little girl and you have a very big boy! :)

Can't wait to love on him again soon!

The Amazing Trips said...

Oh my gosh he is beautiful. Those legs. THOSE LEGS. Those eyes. Those cheeks. Those fat little fists.

Charlie. Oh Charlie dear. Where are you, love bug??

I can't stand it. I must go decorate the house for Christmas and get my mind off babies - ASAP!! :)