Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mommy Happy?

The last month or so, Monkey seems to be very in tune with my emotions. I don't know if he's learning about happy versus sad at school, maybe? But anytime I raise my voice or get frustrated with him, he always asks, "Mommy happy?" He has asked me this almost once a day for awhile now. It's made me realize how often he must see a grumpy or frustrated countenance. I've been working on it, but the stresses of the period of life we're in sometimes gets the best of me.

The other night, he wasn't listening to me when I was trying to dress him. He was too busy dancing around nekkid when I wanted him to get his feet in his pajamas.

MM: (raised, stern voice) JK, Mommy said stay still and put your feet in your 'jamas.
JK: Mommy happy?
MM: No, Mommy is not happy. I am happy when you listen and obey.

He then grabs my head in his hands and plants a big sloppy kiss on my nose.

JK: Mommy happy now?

How on EARTH am I supposed to keep a straight face through that? LOL!

MM: (totally starting to lose it with giggling) Yes, Mommy is happy. Thank you for loving me.

JK: Tank YOU Mommy. (steps into his pajama feet)

This boy. Gracious! I later realized I was trying to quell his silliness, when I should have been dancing with him. I missed it! The opportunity to be joyful with him. The opportunity to make a memory, if not for him, then for me. God was handing me a tiny little wrapped up present...a sweet moment with my firstborn and I was busy worrying about making bedtime.

When am I going to learn?!?!

This adorable, innocent child desperately wants to be independent and yet wants to make sure I approve of him.

He is my SOUL in so many ways!!!

Lord, I am learning, please be patient with me. Please help me to remember to not stifle his sweet, active spirit. Help me to remember that in order for him to have life, I need to give up my own. It is by my example that he will either learn to love or be legalistic. Please help me to not let You down. Help me to not let him down.


Luke, Kristen and Pierce said...

...I needed this reminder...thank you!

Karrie said...

So sweet! I need to remember this too.

Yesterday morning I was trying to clean the kitchen, organize the pantry and figure out when I was going to fit some "work" work in. Rusty BEGGED me to sit down and watch a movie with him. I said ok and took my laptop to the couch thinking I could sneak some work in at the same time. Let's just say, he was not on board with that AT ALL. He wanted me cuddling under his blanket and enjoying the movie WITH him. I gave in and a few minutes later he asks, "Mama, are you SO happy to watch a movie with me??"

Yes, yes I was:-)