Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Twisted Toddler Conversations

I've documented many of the adorable conversations we have with Monkey. It's hard not to be tickled by his musings and observations. He has such a fresh and funny perspective! But they aren't all cute, quippy little conversations. I think the latest mix of half-year development (which I hear is harder than year marks), winter cabin fever, family sicknesses and just plain ol' boredom, has made some of the conversations with Monkey a bit of...um...an exercise in Mommy's patience.

Either that, or he's a very fickle 14 year old girl in a 2 year old boy body. I haven't figured this one out yet.

Just so you don't think our lives with a toddler are all peaches and cream, here is a sampling of the "other" conversations that ensue in our household.

But before you read on, please at least consider the advice I try to take: Never judge a family by their two year old. Amen!


MM: JK, do you want milk or apple juice?
JK: Apple juice.
MM: (starts pouring apple juice)
JK: (screeching as if his life is in danger) NOOOOO!!!! I want milk!


JK: (yelling) Bubby, no take my toy!!!
MM: JK, use nice words please.
JK: (yelling louder) Bubby, no take my toy PLEASE!!!


MM: JK, do you want a time out?
JK: (nods head vigorously)
MM: (picks up JK and takes him to his room)
JK: (wailing as if he's just lost his dog) No want time out! No want time out!


MM: JK, we're about to leave. Please put on your shoes.
JK: (looks at me, but continues playing with stuffed monkey)
MM: JK, please put on your shoes.
JK: (stares at Mommy)
MM: JK, please put on your shoes.
JK: (walks towards the shoe box, but gets distracted with trying on Daddy's shoes)
MM: (more slowly and deliberately) JK, please put on your shoes.
JK: (ignores me completely, tripping on Daddy's shoes, falling and crying) I fall down!
MM: Okay, JK. Mommy's going bye-bye now. See you later. (walks out the front door)
JK: (great wailing ensues!) Mommy, I don't have my shoes on!



We are challenged daily with balancing love and discipline. It's hard. N and I come from very different disciplines in our childhood and we're trying to find a happy medium that works for our boys. With JK, we work hard to praise, praise, praise when he does something good. We do lots of high-fives and verbal encouragements, which generally works very well. But I have noticed that nothing quite stirs this little boy's soul like some good one-on-one quality time. Just a little bit of one-on-one time with him a day and he is truly the most agreeable little boy. We get lots of conversations like this:

MM: JK, let's go potty one more time before bedtime.
JK: Otay! (scampers undistracted to the bathroom)

"Otay!" Right up there with "I love you Momma", it's really one of my favorite words around here.


The Mills Gang said...

Those are great! Love to hear what these little people have to say! But I think you said it best,
"Either that, or he's a very fickle 14 year old girl in a 2 year old boy body. I haven't figured this one out yet."

Coolio said...

Hilarious! Sounds exactly like the same conversations that go on around our house!

Anonymous said...

We don't give treats in our family, just dates nights with our oldest, he craves and needs one on one time, he's a totally different kid... patience patience patience. Deep breathes and ask "how important is it?" Hugs to you.

Pandamonium said...

Rachel tried to argue with me yesterday that I was putting the wrong sock on the wrong foot. Sigh...two year olds! :)

And the juice/milk conversation - we have that regularly over what color cup she choose. Rachel is way into "picking".

The Amazing Trips said...

I love the word "Otay." We get that a lot around here too ... along with all of the other schizophrenic (but perfectly normal) two year old behavior that you describe. :)

The Kings said...

That's exactly what happens with us, word for word. At least we'll all go to the padded rooms together, huh? -Todd