Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...

The GORGEOUS weather outside!
The sense of renewal that March always brings
The fact that the weather forecast for this weekend is sunny and in the 60's
My new purple mani/pedi polish
The fact that Bubby is feeling better today
The snuggle time I had with Bubby last night and this morning
Benadryl for my allergic hive reaction I had to another medication

And last, but not least...


Yes, I know that sounds funny, but it's true. In my Wednesday Night Bible Study (Breaking Free by Beth Moore), I'm learning three important things that have changed my perspective on life's hardships.

One, too many times we claim tribulations are in our lives, when they are really just irritations. We make mountains out of molehills. For instance, I'm realizing my "tribulation" of not enjoying my job is really not a tribulation at all. It's a source of irritation for sure. But it's not a tribulation. Perspective. Sometimes I just need a little more perspective to understand my life is not as bad as my emotions make it out to be.

Two, in our teeny tiny earthly lifespan (in comparison to eternity!), these trials (or tribulations), are but a blip on the radar. I remember in college, looking back at my teenage years and scoffing at some of the things that were "gonna kill me". Ha! Man...I had it so easy and had no clue. Even today, I look back at my college years and my late 20's and think the same thing. In reality, Life was so simple then, but because of my limited perspective, I had no clue. I think in 10 years, I'll be thinking the same of my life today. But in Heaven? Once I'm up there and realize what hardships I had to go through to get THERE, all of this will seem like child's play. None of it will matter, but it will have been totally worth it.

Three, overcoming the tribulations in my life makes me beautiful in God's eyes. The note I wrote that Beth said in the video, "Being healed is more beautiful than being well." I love that! I realize this might be a lame analogy, but I kept thinking of my great-grandmother's antiques in her home. I could purchase a reproduction of the beautiful mission chair that I always remember her sitting in. It would be new and polished and without any scratches or marks. But it will never be as beautiful as THE antique mission chair that she always sits in. It is the worn scratches, the softness of the cotton cushion, the patina-ed wooden edges, the history of what that chair's been through that makes it so beautiful! That's how God looks as me as I weather storms with Him. I might be beaten, bruised, exhausted and worn. But I've survived some pretty heady trials (and tribulations!) with Him. And here's a thought...the more trials I experience in His name, the more beautiful I become! I know. What a way to look at some of Life's hardships.

With every low blow that Satan throws at me to spin me off my axle, I'm getting more beautiful and precious in Christ's eyes. What a comforting way to view my coming years! I'm basically going through beauty treatments for my wedding day with my Bridegroom. :-D

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The Mills Gang said...

I do love, love, love Beth Moore. I'm actually doing a book study on her blog right now. She has great encouraging words that truly inspire and uplift. Have a fantastic Thursday!!