Monday, September 6, 2010

Date Night

This afternoon the boys woke up from their nap and Bubs had a 102.1 fever. So our plans to get out as a family were a smidge derailed. I'm bummed, but trying to stay positive. I'm really hoping it's a teething fever. So since Monkey and I were fever free, Daddy offered to stay home and take care of Bubs while Monkey and I had a little one-on-one time. This RARELY happens anymore, so I snatched up the opportunity. We went to IKEA to make an exchange. Surprisingly enough, Monkey didn't want to play in SmaLand. He loves that place! But today he said he wanted to go shopping with Momma. I wasn't going to fight him. :-) After that, dinner at Spring Creek BBQ, the playland at a local mall, a package of Silly Bandz, and a carousel ride. We had a WONDERFUL time!

On the way and after we got home, we had a couple cute conversations:

MM: Monkey, Momma is really tired! (big yawn)
JK: I know. You had a really big time!
MM: (laughing) Yes, I did, I had a big time!
JK: Good! Because I had a big time too.



In bed reading a bed time story about Mr. and Mrs. Pig that got married on a cruise, but a thief stole Mrs. Pig's pearls and ruined the party. We're on the last page of the book and there is a sad looking little bug character watching the thieves get carted off to jail.

JK: He's sad.
Dad: Yes, he is sad. Why is he sad?

Thinking we're going to get an answer about it being sad watching the bad folks going away...

JK: He's sad because he didn't get any cake.


Aww man...this kid. I love his observations and sweetness. He reminds me everyday how blessed I am to have him and his sweet baby brother and Daddy. Life is good.


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Love it!

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Life IS good ... and I hope that you are enjoying every minute of it, with your sweet little ones. :)