Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today as I sit here and type, little MB is wiggling around like crazy. With every little roll and foot/elbow jab, I am reminded how absolutely unworthy I am to have this child on loan to me. Having helped so much with my siblings growing up, I know a few parenting-type skills. But those little boys weren't on loan to ME. They weren't MY ultimate responsibility. This child is mine. My husband's. Ours. It's overwhelming, humbling, exciting! In spite of the morning sickness, the heartburn, the great sex gone awry, and just feeling like a cow with lipstick most of the time...I cannot wait to meet this little guy. Kristen and some of you other mommas have said that every moment of discomfort is all worth it. And I'm banking on it. Because these little wiggles, rolls, and jabs already make it worth it. I can't wait for the real thing! Eight more weeks. :-)

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