Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mr. Squishy Face and Birthday Week

We had another sono yesterday. The basic shots taken were measurements, so no cool pictures, except the below. Our sonographer was able to get a funny shot of his squished up face. Lean your head to the right and you'll see dark spaces as his eye sockets and a little nose and mouth beneath it. His double chin seems to be resting on his arms. Which goes along with his VERY chubby cheeks!

He's measuring around 6 1/2 lbs right now. Still on target to be a pretty healthy 8 1/2 lbs if he goes full-term - a full 4 weeks away! So far, it doesn't look like an early arrival is on his agenda either. I haven't dilated one iota at this point. Which I must honestly say was a BIG disappointment. I really expected her to say I was, even if it was just a little bit. Especially since he dropped last week and he feels so low, I just knew I'd be dilated to something. Seriously, it feels like if I look down there, I'd find a little hand waving at me! In fact, the stinker is sitting so incredibly low right now that the doctor had to push his head back into me to get to my cervix. Yes, TMI I know, I'm sorry, but...OWWW! But it was sure nice to hear the doctor say, "Wow. He's sitting REALLY low. I'm lifting his head just so I can get to you."

Okay, good, I'm really not being a weenie. LOL!

The only way I can describe Dear Husband's face after him witnessing this, was GREEN. If you don't mind, you might want to step up the prayers for his strength in the delivery room.

So, if he hasn't come in two more weeks, we're scheduling an induction close to MB's due date, September 7th. He might come on his own in the meantime, but just so I can get myself on her schedule we wanted to plan accordingly. Her personal practice is to not induce before 39 weeks (unless there are complications) or not let a pregnancy go past 41 weeks. So unless God has other plans for us, it looks like we're going to have to wait awhile for this little turkey to finish baking. While I'm so anxious to meet him, I'm overwhelmed with my growing To Do List before his arrival. I guess I should appreciate the time to get that stuff done!

In other news, I had a fabulous birthday. We have a tradition in our household to have Birthday Week. It started off with a lovenote from my dear hubby the first day and has since progressed to a great (cooked) sushi dinner and several presents spread out over a few days. Thank you to all of you that have sent me emails and called. It's so sweet to be remembered, as this birthday officially sends me into my late 30's. Uggs. I've needed all the sweetness I can get right now. My friend Jenny called and actually sang to me! As did my in-laws and some of my coworkers. My friends Sarah and Scott sent me a funny birthday online card/game where I got to shoot birthday monsters and every one I hit took a year off my age. So this week I'm actually just turning 21. What a fabulous game! I think I'll play it every year. :-)

What's so cool, is that I still have the rest of my week to enjoy!

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