Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Great Way to Start the Weekend

This morning was a very special day for our sweet friend Julie. She is only about 6 weeks away from having her sweet little son in her arms. We've prayed for this little boy for a looong time and we're finally on the home stretch of our wait. Woohoo!

So today, some of us from church got together to celebrate the miracle in the R family's life. Among the many other things the ladies in our Sunday School do well, making a mother-to-be feel loved is probably one of the most special! (We've had a lot of practice in the past few years!)

The cake/punch table...

S'more cupcakes...

The very yummy brunch table. Man, can these girls cook! Seriously.

The beautiful diaper cake by Jessica R and Courtney...

Very studiously doing our word scramble...of which, the only one I could figure out without too much struggle was "olcic". Been there. Done that.

We all oohed and ahhed while Julie opened some beautiful and fun gifts... of which was a GORGEOUS crocheted blanket from Alison...the softest thing ever! I think she'd make a ton of money if she started crocheting PJs just like this. I'd buy 'em!

Leave it to Amanda to start Little R's library. :-)

Our guest of honor with just a handful of hostesses. I was a dork and forgot to get a picture before everyone left. :-(

From L to R: Jessica W, Julie, Jennifer, Kristen, me. Not pictured: Sara, Jessica J, Jessica R, Courtney, Ashley, and Jenny (who was busy enjoying her little Lily Kate, barely 36 hours old!)

Jules and her Momma...

Julie we are so thrilled to see you come to this special point in your life! We are impatiently waiting to meet your little one.

Hurry Baby R! You have many little Monkey's out here to play with you and Mommies and Daddies waiting to meet you!


Pandamonium said...

Thanks for making me take a couple of cupcakes for the road...they were quite tasty! :)

And I know that was so dorky to add a bunch of sticky notes to Julie's books...but the teacher in me just couldn't give books without commenting on why each one was so special! :)

Monkey Momma said...

Amanda, don't even think of apologizing. You are our favorite librarian! :-)