Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Of Those Days

Ever have one of those days? Where nothing goes right? Where the baby is whining non-stop all morning, while you're trying to put on makeup and get dressed? Where your husband says just the wrong thing that makes you mad or hurts your feelings? Where you hit ALL the red lights into the office? Where your boss asks you to attend two badly scheduled meetings that really just jack up your day? Where the lady in front of you at the grocery line has a million coupons, returning the wrong detergent and is taking FOREVER when you need to be somewhere in 4.2 minutes?

I have those days sometimes and if I'm not careful, it can ruin my evening with my husband and child. It can ruin my week. It can ruin my entire attitude about what I might or might not have going on in my life. And I just.don'

I think I need these glasses:

Thank you Shelia for the kick in the pants. Perspective. Could we be anymore self-absorbed?


Cubstarr said... there supposed to be a video clip??? My junk computer at work isn't showing anything. =( bummer. I could use some entertainment right now. ha ha!

Leslie said...

Wow, that was perspective for sure! I'm pretty intuitive sometimes, but those glasses would be helpful.

And I may be crazy, but the guy's voice sounds just like Matt...Eliot's dad. Any clue?

Anonymous said...

I'm stealing this.

Nature Nut said...

That sounds like my last two weeks! Perspective.....great, cause I needed it!

McMama said...
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The Kennedy's said...

tears for the reality of it all. The boys were playing today when I picked up R. I was so excited and JK showed me how to dance. :) sigh. precious boys!