Monday, June 22, 2009

Every Day Father

I had planned this past week to have this wonderful, sweet, poignant little Father’s Day post. But Father’s Day weekend was a bit of a bust. Father’s Day gifts and plans did not quite pan out the way we had intended, due to the heat, the fact that I have the energy of a slug in hard hibernation, and somebody else giving N the exact gift I had intended to give.

Funny now, but not at the moment type of thing. I felt my thunder was stolen. I pouted for awhile, but now I'm over it. LOL!

So this weekend, while I cried at the drop of a hat due to physical pain, frustration with my physical limitations, hormones, and limited patience for a toddler that is exercising his independence, N, again, has taken everything in stride and dealt me many hands of grace. His patience with me and Monkey and energy to just do what needs to be done amazes me. I really cannot say enough about this sweet husband of mine. I have seen him grow over the years in so many ways, but it seems the past few months, he has really just stepped up and become so much more than I ever expected. I am humbled and grateful and I know I do not deserve such a man. But for whatever reason, God has given him to me and I'm so happy for it.

Last night was a tough night. Monkey was up a few times and I hadn’t been sleeping well anyways. So I brought him into the living room to snuggle and sleep on the recliner with me. He'd had another bad dream and I just felt it “right” to snuggle instead of being the tough momma and make him go back down in his own bed. He sat in the recliner and in his little vocabulary told me about his dream. (Which I will post about at another time.) After talking for a few moments, we both drifted off. I awoke to the sunlight streaming into the living room and immediately knew that we had overslept. But I didn’t care. He was sleeping soundly in my arms, tiny rosebud lips slightly parted, curly hair askew, and the sweetest of toddler snores coming out of him. So precious! I felt like God was giving me a little gift and I didn’t want to miss it. So I sat for a bit just enjoying the moment. After a few minutes he started stirring, I think because he was too warm against my oven of a stomach. So I gently rolled him over on his side and stuck a cool pillow under him, while I struggled like an overturned turtle to get out of a rocker recliner without waking him.

Both N and I took showers as quickly as possible, because getting ready without a toddler underfoot is truly a gift to start the day.

Or is this just us that thinks that?

After I dried off, I walked down the hall to the front of the house and saw this…

My man and our son…

And it dawned on me...

...Father’s Day is everyday.

A father is not a once a year celebration. At least not in this family. While it's always fun to have a special day of recognition once a year, if the man is not a father the rest of the time, what's the point of that one day? What are you celebrating? And it's in these moments, like this morning, that I celebrate my son's father. My partner, my best friend, my lover, and the AMAZING father of our children.

Happy Monday precious!

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So sweet! Perfectly said!!