Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming Up For Air...

I just cannot believe it's been almost two months since EK was born. Everyone says that when you have a child, that life flies at warp speed. And that once you have more than one child, it goes even faster. The speed at which time is going right now is positively taking my breath away. And not in the happy way either. :-(

A few things that are going on...

EK: Wow. This kid is so doggone cute! I still can't believe we're going through infancy with another child. I've forgotten how much fun this stage is. Funny little noises, precious baby snores, curled toes, and super soft skin. I love it all! He is growing leaps and bounds, which makes me sad, yet I love watching at the same time. He LOVES to eat and would do it around the clock if I let him! He has rolls that JK never had, so having a little chubba-chubba on our hands has been fun! We are looking forward to seeing his little personality come out more.

JK: This kid amazes me with his sense of humor and intelligence. We've struggled with a little extra whiney-ness, but otherwise, he's adjusting to being a big brother very well. He finds all of EK's funny baby noises funny and is quick to give his baby brother kisses and pats on the head. Recently, he's been going to the pool a lot with Daddy and has quickly gained confidence in the big pool. If Daddy doesn't watch him closely, he'll jump into the deep end without floaties and without a shred of fear. This kiddo has so much confidence! I pray all the time that God give us the wisdom to steer this child's independence and strong will into a healthy direction.

Daddy: I can't say enough about my sweet husband. He is so patient and helpful, both with the state of the house and the needs of the baby. He understands my love languages so well: quality time and acts of service. While we don't really have the opportunity at this point to spend much quality time together, he totally gets that helping around the house really makes me fall in love with him so much more.

Me: I'm tired. And happy. :-) I've chosen to nurse EK, which is a new experience for me. It's been a tough road, as there was a very steep learning curve for both EK and I. I was not prepared for how exhausting and WONDERFUL this experience would be. I was also not prepared how hungry this would make me. My daily schedule right now consists of eating, nursing, pumping, eating, sleeping, get the picture. I've always been a bit of a grazer, but now I'm grazing and eating a solid 5 or 6 meals a day. And we aren't talking the little meals, we're talking normal full-sized meals. I hope I can stop this rollercoaster once Evan decides to wean. I'll be big as a house otherwise. Ha!

Work: I go back in less than 10 days. I'm REALLY not looking forward to it. But I know that until N or I win the Lotto (which we don't play, so the likelihood of that is low) me being a FT working mom is just part of the picture. I'm trying to be okay with it, but still praying that the Lord provide an alternative so I can spend more time with the boys.

Housework: Hmm. This is a bit on the backburner right now. We're doing good to keep toilet paper in the bathroom at this point. But my husband really helps me keep perspective when I fret over the fact the house hasn't been dusted since before Evan was born. Today he said, "Perhaps. In a few years, I’d think you’d rather say: “Wow, I spent some great quality time w/ Evan during my maternity leave", than: “Wow, I got a lot done around the house on my maternity leave.” I love this guy. Keeps me focused in the right direction so many times.

Pictures: Yeah...when folks say you don't get as many of the second kid as the first, they're right. I love bragging about how cute the little turkey is, so I'll prove it by posting some shots soon.

Anyways, the little guy is hollering at me, so time to run. Will try to be back in less than a month. Ha!


Raina said...

Thanks for the update! I know how hard it is to get a post going when there's so much to do. Sometime soon I'd love to either come by or have you over so I can meet the new one!
And I will second your husband's comment in reference to house work. You know that saying they tell men who work too much? "At the end of their life, no one ever looks back and says, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office." That goes for housework, too. Enjoy this crazy, exhausting, blessed time while it lasts!

Suzanne said...

Yea! An update from the W's. Yes, I think we need pictures! :-)

Flakymn said...

So great to get an update!! I think of you often.

And isn't chubba chubba the BEST?!

Jessica Newman said...

I totally understand the full time working mom thing! I too wish there was an alternative - but i'm doing the best I can. I'll be praying for you as you head back to work - let me know if you ever need to vent!!

Cubstarr said...

EAT UP! The kid needs it. =) I eat like a horse as well, but surprisingly I've been losing weight. Nursing burns an enormous amount of calories. ;) It's the one time we momma's can eat and not feel guilty (other than during pregnancy that is)! LOL!