Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Big Boy

Two years ago, this little man entered our lives...

...and things haven't been the same since. And we're so glad!


Our sweet JK,

You have no idea how fast your life is flying before us. You are growing way too quickly! On the day we met you, I think more than anything, we were in awe. I was stunned. And I've never seen your Daddy so proud! Such a long hard road to have a baby and then to have one as beautiful and sweet as you. God was so good and showed us how wonderful He is by letting us have you. Another W male to continue the family name. It might sound silly, but the day you were born, I felt so honored to be a part of that. I still do!

We have watched you move from a tiny helpless baby, to an independent and opinionated toddler. While we miss your sweet baby-ness, we are constantly amazed at how much you've grown. You are adamant about your likes and dislikes and when you can't verbalize it, you are creative enough to find ways to communicate your wishes. Wishes that we try to honor, unless it's something harmful or teaching you something that God doesn't want for you. We pray all the time that He give us the wisdom to make good choices in raising you. You are so precious and we don't want to mess it up!

You are still officially a toddler, but lately we are noticing a new maturity about you. You just seem so big!

You are such a sweet big brother to little Baby EK. You are learning to share things, even though he's too little to understand what you're doing.

You don't even mind sharing Momma on occasion.

You are very strong in your verbal skills and you love chatting with people. You make friends quickly because you're funny and silly and people are attracted to your sweet demeanor. We see signs everywhere that you are becoming a big boy.

You love books. Even the boring ones.

You love to go for walks. You will often grab our hand and say, "Walk-a-ning? Momma go walk-a-ning?"

But you're a guys guy. 150 percent boy! You love trains and any other transportation toys.

You love any sports that involves a ball you can kick or throw.

You love contact sports.

It warms Momma's heart to see you have a creative streak. You love to use crayons and paint and know all of your colors so well. It makes Daddy so very proud when you hear a song and immediately stop whatever you're doing to dance and sing. You don't even care that you have an audience watching you. In fact, that makes it more fun!

You have your Momma's sweet tooth. You love all things "chockit"...

We are so very proud of your growth and accomplishments. We so look forward to watching you turn from a toddler into a big boy and then into an independent young man. Just remember that your Momma will forever look at you as her first baby...

...I can't help it. It's just what Momma's do.

Little Monkey, there is only one other being in this world that loves you more than Mommy and Daddy and that's Jesus. It's hard for me to imagine, but our love for you pales in comparison to His love for you.


Please look to Him for the purest love one can receive. Mommy and Daddy will do their very best, but He will never ever fail you. You are a daily reminder that He has not failed us. We have no doubt that if we feel this proud and in love with you, that He feels that times a hundred. We can't wait for you to grow up and learn how He's shown that love to all of us.

The last two years have been the happiest two years of our lives and we attribute that to your presence! Happy Two Year Birthday Little Monkey! We love you so much.

Momma and Daddy


Nature Nut said...

I cannot believe that little MB has already grown into a little boy! It seems like just yesterday that he was born. These are the times that will fly by so fast, but will leave such wonderful, beautiful memories that will last forever:)

Flakymn said...

Two?!?! They have to stop growing so fast!!!

Coolio said...

I love seeing updates about your boys...another momma in the same boat! These pictures are just glad you are savoring every moment. They just fly by WAY too fast! Your boys are lucky to have a momma who makes each moment so sweet and special! :)

Karrie said...

Happy birthday JK! You are a wonderful little boy and such a joy to your parents hearts. And you will never know the joy that you brought to all of our hearts, just by your very existence and watching you grow up is a wonderful gift:-)

Anonymous said...

From JK's Dad...

I know I'm late posting a comment, but better late than never. JK has been an amazing blessing to us. It's been so incredible to see this little monkey turn into his own person. It does make me sad that his "babyness" is diminishing, but I'm more excited to see the "big boy" he's turning into. He's funny, he's very smart, he's a parrot and he loves spending time w/ his mom and we're soaking that up as long as we can. He has his moments like any 2yr old, but they don't last long. I could go on and on about why he's so special...but really, all that needs to be said is that I love this little guy more than he'll even know.