Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Words From the Monkey...

After dinner last night, JK was sitting in his high chair, preparing to get down. I was holding Bubba and attempting to wipe down JK's smudgy hands with a washcloth.

JK: Momma, I hold Baby.
ME: You want to hold Baby brother?
JK: nodding vigorously
ME: Okay, go sit on the sofa and Momma will let you hold him.

This kind of caught me off guard, as he never requests to hold EK. He doesn't really pay him much attention of any kind unless we say something first.

We go to the living room and JK jumps excitedly on the couch. Now, keep in mind, JK is only 26 lbs himself and Bubba is probably around 16 or 17 lbs.

JK: Clapping excitedly. MY BABY! I hold MY BABY!

I put EK gently into his lap, propped up with a pillow.

JK: Obvious exhale as Bubba sits on Big Brother's lap. Momma...Baby heavy! All done. As he slides away from the baby and scampers off the couch.

Yep. There's a reason we call him Bubba. LOL!


Luke, Kristen and Pierce said...

These are my favorite, please keep 'em coming!

Karrie said...

LOL...that is fantastic! Can't wait to meet him at Thanksgiving!!:-)