Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Road Trip to Memphis

Some of you are familiar with “Big Mama”, the blogger from San Antonio. She blogged the other day about listening to Beth Moore speak at a conference and this portion of it just really touched me:

My heart was already full by the time Beth got up to speak so it should come as no surprise that I had tears in my eyes about three minutes into her lesson. She shared that she’d barely made it to Memphis because of the weather. But she knew that if God wanted her to make it to Memphis, then she was going to make it to Memphis no matter what the airlines said or whatever else happened. If she was supposed to be in Memphis, then she’d end up in Memphis. (This is all a paraphrase, but it’s the general point)

And I just felt God saying to my heart that I don’t have to worry about how I’m getting to Memphis or what Memphis will look like, I just need to trust that He’ll get me to Memphis if that’s where I’m supposed to be.

I hope it’s obvious that this epiphany wasn’t actually about getting to Memphis since I was actually already in Memphis when it happened. It was just a sweet reminder that God is the architect of the details and He doesn’t need me to control all these things that I tend to fret about because I am a fretter (not a real word) and He certainly doesn’t expect me to get to Memphis without Him.

Anyway, the Memphis part of that in my life represents several different things that I’ve been struggling with or trying to understand. I don’t know what the Memphis is in your life, but I know that if God wants you in Memphis then He’ll get you to Memphis.

I’m struggling with my own little journey to Memphis right now. I’m fretting about some personal details in my life. I’m trying to orchestrate those details that are really not meant to be orchestrated by a human. While it’s scary to let go of that control, when I actually buckle down and DO IT, there is a strange peace in it. I don’t have to worry about the details, because they are already ordained to happen at just the right time. So why attempt to take control of reins that are not mean to be in my hands?

Some of you might be thinking, “Duh, yeah, let go, let God. Obvious, Monkey Momma!” Unfortunately, it’s not obvious when I’m in the forest. And this really spoke to me today. So for the moment, until my sinful side takes over again, I’m just going to enjoy the trip to Memphis.


Karrie said...

Praying for you! And whenever you get frustrated that the "control issue" just never gets fully resolved, remember that Paul had his "thorn" too. If we didn't have them, our sin of choice would very likely be pride and look where that got Satan!

Enjoy the trip to Memphis:-)

Love you!

Raina said...

Obvious doesn't mean easy, does it? There are many things about which I realize I've known the real answer all along, but it's something that is just difficult for me, for whatever reason. I'm so glad God loves me no matter what! I can't imagine how little hope people have when they don't get how merciful and unconditional God's love is.