Wednesday, March 4, 2009

18 Things I Love About You

Little Monkey,

This past month or two has grown you into such a big boy! We simply can't believe how much can change in such a short period of time. It's so easy for us to find things we love about you, but in celebration of your year and a half birthday, we'll try to keep it at 18.

I'll be surprised if we don't lose people in the midst of this blog posting!

So sorry dear readers...this is really more for my mommy journal than anything!

  1. I love how much of a boy you are! Everything right now is about trucks and balls and being as loud as you can possibly be. We are working on your "inside voice", but it's so hard because when you're busy screaming, it really is funny to me. My laughter just seems to encourage it. You also have a really great strong aim when it comes to balls. We think you might be an athlete in the making.

  2. I love how happy you are in the mornings. You cry until we come into your bedroom, but the moment you see us, you are all smiles. Usually, all your stuffed animals, pillows, blankets and sometimes socks are laying on the floor. Which is upsetting to you. We still can't figure out why you throw them there to begin with.

  3. I love how verbal you've become. We've already lost count of how many words you now know, but there are a lot! Lately your favorite thing is to point at something and say, "Whassat?" or "Whassis?" When we ask you back, you almost always say what it is, whether it's a body part, a color, an item, a person. Sometimes you just chatter away in babble and we have no idea what you say, but you follow it with a huge smile when you see our confused expressions. Sometimes I think you're teasing us!

  4. I love how you love music so much. Gramma C got you a little jambox that sticks to the fridge. Every morning while you wait for Mommy or Daddy to get your "jooz" (juice), you push those buttons and dance your little heart out. I find it especially funny that you enjoy rap or almost any music with a hard base. You are definitely your Daddy's boy in that regard!

  5. I love how you go to bed without any issues. After bathtime, the routine is very standard and comfortable to you. Tonight, we said our prayers like we do every night and for the first time, you said, "AMEN!" at the end of it, which made me laugh. Then when I put you in your crib, you said, "Nigh-nigh" and blew me a kiss. You are such a precious boy! Please teach this to your little brother when he arrives!

  6. I love how your stuffed monkey Momo is your best friend. You talk to him, you cry with him, you share your food and drinks with him. We hope this is good practice for when you become a big brother! Today I gave you Momo in the car after school. You picked up Momo's hand, making it wave to you and said, "Hi!" and then you said "Hi" back. I find it so funny that you are already pretending so early!

  7. I love how much you love your Daddy. You follow him around everywhere when he's home and you get very upset when he leaves in the mornings. If he's in another room, you want to be with him and if he's not home, you always ask about him. You love wrestling with him and you love taking naps with him on the weekends, which makes me love you both all the more. I hope that you can grow up with a strong relationship with him, because he is the finest man you will ever meet!

  8. I love how tenderhearted you are. While you are a rough and tumble little boy, your feelings get hurt easily. While I hate to see you upset, I know that someday you will learn to use your sensitivities to be tenderhearted towards those that need it. We hope that we can teach that skill to you.

  9. I love it when you call for me. This seriously never gets old to me. "Momma?" as you walk around the house looking for me. For so many years I longed to hear that word in my ears and you are the first one to say it. I know someday it might be, "Mother!" out of exasperation, but for now, I relish in your little boy voice calling out for me. As I type this, I wonder if that's how God feels when we come to him in prayer. Does he relish in our heart's verbiage as much as I relish in interacting with you?

  10. I love how you never walk. You almost always run everywhere you go. You are always on the move and it's a rare thing to share a still moment with you. But I love hearing the pitter-patter of your little feet running down the hallway. And I love watching you going 90 miles an hour. As an older Momma, I get tired easily just watching you, but your energy is one of my favorite things about you!

  11. I love your curly hair. So much so that I can't bring myself to cut it. Yes, more often than not, strangers give us compliments on how beautiful our little girl is. Or what a cutie our daughter is. Even when we dress you in very obvious dinosaur/truck/sports/monster boy clothes with Spiderman tennis shoes, your hair is so beautiful and your little face so pretty, that people don't even notice your clothes. They just think you're a pretty little girl. I've stopped correcting them and just try to see you in their eyes. And yes, they're right: you are beautiful!

  12. I love how curious you are. While sometimes it's challenging for us to keep your little hands out of dangerous places, I love how you are always wanting to see new things to learn, or find new places to explore. It is such a joy to us to watch your face while you discover something new or find a new game to play.

  13. I love how fearless you are. You really do not understand the concept of danger. While I'd like to think this is just the innocence of toddler-hood, I know that this is a classic W family trait that's in your genes. You are exactly like your Daddy and De-Da. Neither of them have any fears when it comes to physical activity. I know today this fearlessness shows up in the form of climbing anything that will hold your weight. But I cringe in the knowledge that someday this means you'll be skiing down double-black diamonds with Daddy in Taos. But honestly, I'd much rather you not be scared of a lot than have a spirit of fear your whole life.

  14. I love how you really know no strangers. While you are initially reserved like your Daddy, after you've engaged with someone for even just a few words, you are quick to chat and charm. In this aspect, you are very much like your De-da: engaging, happy, charismatic, and genuine.

  15. I love how your are starting to learn your manners. While we still struggle with the occasional melt-down, you are learning to say "Pease" (please), "Dat-you" (thank you), and the other night, you walked right up to some of Daddy's coworkers with your little hand extended to shake their hands. We were so surprised and so proud of you!

  16. I know someday this will embarrass you, but I'm so sorry. I can't ignore it and I must mention it. I love watching you run around the house in your diaper and socks. With your curly, uncut, unruly hair, this just reminds me that you still have some baby in you. You're definitely starting to hit the independence of the Terrible Twos, but watching you run down the hall half nekkid always chokes me up and reminds me that no matter what, you'll always be my first baby.

  17. Speaking of independence, I love how independent you've become. You can now eat with a spoon and fork quite successfully. You are also learning to put on your shoes, although the socks are still a bit challenging. You are learning to wash yourself at bathtime with the bubbles. You are even learning to blow your nose when it's running!

  18. Most of all, my sweet son, I love the fact that you are MINE. While I know you are really God's on loan to me, I feel like the luckiest Momma in the world to be the one that GETS to raise you. I am realizing more and more that it's a calling to raise a W boy. I was called to it, just like your Gramma C and Gramma F were called to raise W boys. Both of those ornery, active, smart little boys have turned into magnificent men of God. If I can do half the job with you that they did on your Daddy and De-da, then I'll consider it successful.

You bring us so much joy, so many good tears, so much laughter every single day. I honestly cannot remember what our lives were like before you arrived. It was like color suddenly arrived and we had no idea life was black and white before! You enrich us in so many ways, that this list is just the beginning. Thank you for being you. We pray that we can do what is needed to make you the man that God will call you to be. We pray that we can give to you the unconditional love that is needed for you to feel secure and strong in this world and still look forward to the Kingdom we're all adopted into.

We love you so very much sweet boy! You make us proud every day!

Momma and Daddy

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