Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Godly Stewardship

For those of you that have journeyed with me on the Weekly Menu Plan and Weekly Shopping Trip, I apologize for not posting about those in several weeks. I AM STILL DOING IT! I had a tough week and then two really great weeks that made up for it. But I have not fallen off the wagon. In fact, Monkey Momma is blogging about it in a different place now. A new blog called Godly Stewardship. I'll be focusing on the Menu Plan, Shopping Trips (and tips) and other methods of making the most of what God has provided our family over yonder. This site will be more narrowly focused on the amazing men in my family: N, Monkey, and M2. This will allow grandparents and distant family to see the picture postings here without having to wade through boring posts about what I've shopped for at Target this week. *yawn* Sorry Gramma! I know you're thrilled to know that I saved .50 on double coupon day! LOL!

So come over and visit if you'd like. If not, no biggie. The new blog is really more an experiment in accountability and journal of making the most of what we're given. Which, if I'm really honest with myself...that's a LOT!

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Cubstarr said...

LOL! I tried to do the double blog thing...but I have a hard enough time keeping up with the one I do have, my emails, work emails, FB, etc. ;)

Other than the kid, I have nothing more to blog about. LOL! Maybe when I go back to school I can blog about health/fitness stuff...

Good luck with the other blog! I'll definitely check it out. Keep posting recipes! I have yet to try the pasta one, but I do want to!!! =)