Saturday, March 28, 2009



No it's not Christmas, but it IS a day of celebration around here! Get ready for this:

Monkey has eaten YOGURT! No I take that back...he DEVOURED yogurt! :-D

I'm sure this does not seem like a big deal to most of you. But considering the picky picky eater we have on our hands, this is a BIG DEAL in our house.

We have been attempting to get some kind of dairy product down this child since we weaned him off bottles about 6 weeks ago. He REFUSES to drink milk now in a sippy. We've tried regular, soy, chocolate, rice...nothing has worked. He won't eat cheese, drink those yogurt drinkables, ice cream, or yogurt. I tried to find some other foods with calcium, but the only thing I could ever get him to eat was broccoli. Which made little "airy"? When I asked his pediatrician how to get calcium down him, he suggested getting him to eat Tums. LOLOL! Uh...yeah. I can't even eat those. *gag*

So until today, he wouldn't touch yogurt. But instead of his applesauce dessert at lunch today, I tried a strawberry cheesecake yogurt in his bowl. And it was a hit.

*Mommy is doing the happy dance...and holding her breath because this probably won't work again tomorrow. LOL!*

Since moving to the toddler room FT at school last month, he's been using utensils, so I think that was the trick. Eating from a spoon himself made the difference!

The "tilt" so he gets all of it...

And when that doesn't work, just lick straight out of the bowl...

This little guy just has my heartstrings all bundled up in a messy ball!


McMama said...
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Cubstarr said...

Too cute! *slurp slurp slurp* He really seems to be concentrating to get every last drop of it!!!