Friday, March 6, 2009

So The Search Begins...

I talked to my OB today about all the changes going on in her office. Specifically, the inattentiveness from her MA and the rest of the staff not really being as patient focused anymore. While she acknowledged the changes and apologized for me being unhappy, she made it clear that “this is just the way things are now” in their office due to their new office manager. Basically, if I want her to be my doctor, I just have to deal with the new “business changes” that she doesn’t control anymore.

I’m disappointed. This is so not what I wanted. I really love my OB and even the other doctors in the practice, all of whom I’ve met. I just don’t like the new support staff. But today it was made obvious that they are a package deal. I’ve already started making monthly payments towards them handling this delivery, so I’m not sure if I’ll get that money back now. I’ve made a call to the billing department to find out. See, I don’t even know who handles billing anymore! Diane isn’t there anymore and now it’s “the billing department”.

I’m just bummed. Not just from the experience thus far, but from the fact that I’m even having to consider searching for a new OB half way through a pregnancy. I’m scared. Nervous. I wanted this experience to be as good, if not better than my birth experience with Monkey. Unless I decide to just tough it out with these issues, I’ll be dealing with all brand new people at a new OB’s office.

After the appointment, just out of curiosity, I walked about 4 doors down the hospital hall to Dr. O’s office. He’s an OB that used to be with this same practice, but as of the last few months is no longer. When I entered his waiting room, I thought maybe I could schedule an appointment with him to just interview him. But he had time right then to talk for about 20 minutes, which suprised me. He was very kind and listened to everything I had to share. He said he left the practice and went independent for the exact same reasons I’m unhappy. And he was one of the founding doctors of that practice, so it felt good that I wasn’t alone in my opinion. He didn’t expound on his opinion or speak badly of them, but was very professional about it. I’ve been considering a VBAC (natural Bradley birth) delivery, so I asked him his stance on that. He shared WHY he came to the conclusion he doesn’t recommend VBACs and especially natural VBACs – stating details from several formal medical studies from reputable medical journals. He was very matter of fact and firm in his stance, which I appreciated. My current OB stated her opinion, but couldn’t really state WHY and definitely didn’t speak with the confidence of Dr. O.

To finish things, Dr. O said he’d be happy to take me on as a patient, but that he didn’t want me to make the decision today. He felt since I’d just left Dr. H’s office and was feeling so disappointed, that I needed some time to mull over what happened. He also said this would also give me the opportunity to explore/interview other OBs. I thought that was cool too, as it made me feel like he really wanted me to WANT him as my doctor. He stated to me that he’s been practicing medicine for over 30 years and had an established patient base. So he’s not looking/hurting for business. When he takes on new patients, he wants them to feel they can trust him. This made me feel good too. I didn’t feel like I was getting a sales pitch or that he was excited about taking patients from his former practice.

I’ve got a few other referrals I’m thinking of exploring, so we’ll see. My immediate prayer is that our little son stay healthy and continue growing well and that his Momma not stress out over during this interim process. I’m just trying to remember that, just like the bassinette, that God has a plan. I just need to trust in His timing in the revelation of that.


The Mac's House said...

Boy that is quite a let down from your current OB's office. I'll pray that you find the exact fit to work with you this wonderful experience to a happy delivery.

Go with your gut feeling, what is most important is that you trust and respect the people who are with you during this time.

So sorry that you've had this experience.


The Kennedy's said...

Dr. O sounds like a quality doctor! I go to a very large OBgyn practice at Baylor and it can sometimes feel like a big business practice and not a personal place to visit. Trust your instincts. Maybe his door was on your way out for a reason. ;)

Nature Nut said...

You should know my opinion by your gut (even if there is another little human in there)
My prayers are with you on this decision.

Leslie said...

I just sent you my OB's info. I too switched in the middle of my pregnancy with Z due to our move from Austin. Kind of scary to switch in the middle, but I think it's best in this situation. Dr O does sound great. The practice I go to is big, but it doesn't feel like it. They are all really nice.