Sunday, February 8, 2009

Helping Daddy With a VERY Stinky Dog!

We took advantage of the nice weather to do a very, very overdue chore. We bathed him indoors, but air-drying outdoors is key. The smell of wet dog in the house? No thanks!

Momma, why is Bo-Bo in my bathtub???

Why don't we ever use that long thing-y when I take a bath???

Why do they do these terrible things to me? Water? SOAP?! Do they have any idea what my dog friends are going to say when they get a whiff of this baby shampoo on me?

I'm so humiliated.

Okay, I'm bored. He doesn't try to drink the bath water or make funny bubbles or anything! I'm moving on to my bath toys...


Karrie said...

LOL...kind of glad that kitties just bathe themselves! Poor Bo...that look on his face was priceless!:-)

Cubstarr said...

So funny! We gave Link a bath too, and *** was kicking and moving around when he heard the water go on! He'll probably be just as curious as JK was. =)

Link looks as sad and depressed when we bathe him too. He always tries to jump out and run to "daddy". Why do dogs like to stay dirty??? As soon as we let him out, he rolls himself all over the ground as if he's trying to get dirty again! GRRRR!!!!

Monkey Momma said...

Cubby, I've often wonder if humans "stink" to dogs the ways dogs smell to us??? I wouldn't want to smell like my dog, so maybe he doesn't want to smell like my baby's shampoo?

Jus' thinkin'...